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Hassle free bills payment for Electricity, Airtime etc. using the Billban service.
Hassle free bills payment for Electricity, Airtime etc. using the Billban service.
Introducing Billban - A bank account number for Electricity, Cable TV, Betting & other bills subscriptions.
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It's always about how we can make life easier for you. We know it can be stressful making bills payment especially when you have to be paying by entering your card details and interacting with a website every time a bill needs to be paid.

That is now a thing of the past as you can now buy your meter tokens, fund your betting accounts, buy airtime etc. by simply transferring the specific amount to a uniquely generated account number that is linked to the specified bill account on WATU. While we know been a registered customer of WATU is the next best thing after sliced bread , you don't even need to be a registered user to generate a billban. As of today, this feature is available to everyone.

To generate a billban for your bill account, follow the step by step procedures detailed below:

  1. Visit the watubill Landing page at

2. Select the bill you want to generate billban for from the search bills form or select the category using the icons on the right hand side.

3. Fill the form displayed on the pop up (see the image below). Validate the bill account such as meter number etc. if validation is required. Then click on Generate Billban. (Please note that for bills such as Airtime, Electricity, Betting accounts . The amount inputed is not used, the amount sent to the account number on every transfer would be used for the bill recharge.

4. An information detailing your billban account number and bank for the bills will be shown on the screen. Please copy and save the account number. You can always transfer money to this account every time you need to pay for the specific bill.

5. An email containing the account information is also sent to you.

6. Please note that we would send you email every time a bill payment is done using your billban account. The email will contain your watu receipt. An SMS containing your token would also be sent to your phone number on every recharge.

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